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Everybody has the potential to be great. 



Sometimes you just need help to get there. 

Help to step out of the daily work pressures and chart a new route.


By developing greater self-awareness and confidence in your ability to make positive work life changes.


So you can become your bigger and best self.



My role as a Business Coach is to help you get there.

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Everyone has the potential to be great

Business Woman


Become your better self

I provide coaching that helps business executives like you achieve both work and personal objectives, by drawing on your unique strengths to deliver your best performance



Manage your talent pipeline

I deliver team & individual coaching programmes to identify potential future leaders, build leadership skills to nurture your talent pool and build cohesive and effective leadership teams

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Transition your career

I coach business professionals to make successful career transitions so they can achieve personal goals and professional success



The common thread throughout my career has been working closely with people in businesses of all types and sizes. 

I have over twenty-five years’ experience of Business Coaching. I am a trained co-active business and life coach (LBCAI), a Leadership and Executive Coach, an NLP Practitioner and a qualified psychometric assessor.


As a coach, my prime role is a facilitator. Over a series of private coaching sessions, I help build people’s self-awareness and give them insights into what really makes them tick. This nurtures self-belief and builds confidence to make positive work life changes.

Lisa McDonald 

COO Storyful

Fiona’s coaching empowered me to realise my true professional potential. She has made me a more effective manager, teaching me invaluable skills and helping me extend my executive presence outside of my direct report teams

Muirne Laffan

Chief Digital Officer RTE 

Fiona coached me through a difficult period of career change. She is an insightful coach who provided significant practical support for my move onto a new career path.

 Michael Marnell 

Bank of China, London

I found Fiona's forthright  coaching advice  invaluable in securing my senior role in the City.  I am forever grateful for her role in for restoring my self-belief

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