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I have over twenty-five years’ experience of Business Coaching working with a range of organisations - global and mid size consulting firms, multinational corporations, small family businesses, and not-for-profits.


I have run bespoke leadership development programmes, culture change programmes, employee engagement, succession planning and staff training/ development programmes.

I am a proponent of positive psychology, and take a strengths-based, empathetic approach in my work. I am a trained co-active business and life coach (LBCAI), a Leadership and Executive Coach and an NLP Practitioner. I am a qualified level A & B psychometric assessor and use a number of tools to support and guide individuals, e.g. WGCTA, Ravens, Hogan Suite, TalentQ, CPP


My true passion is and always has been PEOPLE. I believe that inside everybody is the potential to be great so I work with individuals on a one-to one basis, coaching, nudging, guiding and occasionally, gently kicking to help them to realise their full potential.​

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“People don’t leave companies - they leave managers”

As a coach, my prime role is a facilitator. Over a series of private coaching sessions, I help build people’s self-awareness and give them insights into what really makes them tick. This nurtures my client's self-belief and builds confidence their ability to make positive work life changes.

Each coaching engagement starts with a “Chemistry” Meeting, a one hour session that explores how we might work together and what you want coaching to deliver for you. At the meeting I'll ask lots of questions so that I can shape the coaching programme to achieve your unique goals.

We then schedule a series of regular Coaching Sessions, typically six to eight sessions of 60 to 90 minutes which take place over a two to three month period. The sessions may be at your office location, or if preferred mine; in some cases, we may do the session over the phone or Skype.

  • My coaching relationships are rooted in confidential conversations between you and me. No feedback whatsoever is given to others except where we both agree there is value in this. My prime role is to listen, and gently prod to help you understand your current situation and to assess your existing capabilities. The sessions provide a space for you to think out loud, to reflect on how you feel, to develop a plan for making changes.

  • Change takes place through our emotions, so understanding your emotional drives and responses is critical to making effective changes. I help you express feelings which you can’t do by just thinking in your own head. Expressing your thoughts out loud can lead to real long term change and action.

  • Self-awareness drives change. Coaching is not about me showing up with all the answers rather I must help you know yourself better. Understanding your own motivations, skills and capabilities becomes the real change agent. Often the approach is rooted in articulating your strengths, the many things you are good at and which will help you move forward effectively.

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